A link to an illustrated mini-book showing reasons and methods of managing neck and low back pain with minimally invasive treatments is added for the sake of patients and medically interested non-patients.
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Spine Universe
Spine and Pain management
What are the common causes of back pain?
How does the procedure work?
What happens after the procedure?
How long does the procedure take?
What physician training is required to perform this procedure?
Can my symptoms be relieved?
what are the component of the spine? does it only contain vertebrea and disc? and why do we suffer from low back pain, while pain from other area of the spine is not common?
what anr the most commone reasone for having a back pain?
what should i do if i had an episode of back pain suddenly?
What are the Differences Between Minimally Invasive Intervention and Surgery
Is thier away to prevent developing back pain?
Endovascular Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures
Miscellaneous Procedures
what are Uterine fibroids
when will these cases be trasnsfered to an intervential radiologist?
What are my options for treating uterine fibroid?
What is performed during the minimal invasive procedure that treats uterine fibroids, and what are the benefits of such a procedure?
Why is the health of the liver important? What are its most common tumors types?
What are the options for treating cancerous tumors in the liver?